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BPM: 204, chosen specifically to match the tempo of "It Has To Be This Way". Keys: A Minor, C Minor, E Minor *What is Infernum mod?* Infernum mod is an extension mod for Calamity that adds an extra difficulty - "Infernum", that's harder than Death mode, with a primary focus on expansive reworking of boss AIs. I'm sure y'all have many questions regarding this track, and I bet the main one is "Why did you make this? CDMusic is already making the official theme!". For that, allow me to tell you the story behind this track, and why it means so much to me. It all began back in march, on a day where I was feeling particularly motivated. At the time, I was really obsessed with draedon's motif, and I wanted to do something with it. So, asking the calamity dev team to make sure that it's okay, I began working on my own version of the exo mechs theme, intending for it to be an alternate exo mechs theme in infernum mod. No calamity bosses will get this treatment, so don't ask for them. At the time, I decided to keep this project a secret from the infernum team, intending to surprise them once it's done. Was it silly, and perhaps immature? Yeah, it was. But I just couldn't help myself, ya know? I then poured my heart and soul into it for the next few days, really sure that this one will truly be my magnum opus of the year. Unfortunately, after I managed to reach the 2 minutes mark with the track... awful stuff happened. I won't go into details, but basically, my self-confidence took a massive dive. Same with my mental stability, to a lesser extent. It was so bad that I essentially lost all my passion for the track, as my insecurities started to set in. Suddenly, the prospect of people comparing my piece and Charlie's official one, and potentially mocking mine for being "worse" became really dreadful. Paranoid thoughts of people accusing me of trying to "one up Charlie" or "steal his spotlight" didn't help matters. So, with a heavy heart, I abandoned the project and left it to collect dust. The next few miserable months flew by, and I had started to resign myself to the fact that I'll have to move on from it eventually. But a while ago, as I was sifting through at my unfinished projects, I stumbled upon it again. Thinking "why not?", I decided to post the WIP track for the infernum team to check out, not expecting much. To my surprise, they really like it. They then encouraged me to finish it. With some hesitation, I decided to give the track a try one last time. It was then that, as I was tweaking a few things about it and listening to it on repeat, I realized that my passion for the track was back and stronger than ever. Suddenly, all those insecurities and fears I had about the track during my rough patch didn't seem so bad anymore. Mind made up, the day after that I was hell bent on completing the track, and went straight to doing so after lunch. An over 5 hours marathon of a composing session later, and there's breaks don't worry, it was ready to go! ... Yes, I know that when the official exo mechs theme comes out, most people will likely flock to that and leave this piece of mine behind. I'd be lying if I said that the thought doesn't make me a bit sad. But that's alright, because when the time comes, I'll learn to accept it eventually. Sides, Charlie deserves all those views for his hardwork! That and... my best friend Dominic, the owner of infernum mod loves the track to bits, and I'm sure there'll be at least be some others who do too. And that was all the encouragement I needed to post this. Treat this track as just something to listen to while waiting for the official theme if you want, heh. There'll be a toggle to swap between the themes once the official theme is out too, so don't cha worry. Anywho, thank you SO much for all the support y'all have been giving me! It means a ton to me :D Now, have a good day everyone! See y'all next time! ^w^


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