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Your fave LOL Surprise Characters are gonna be in their fiercest, most surprising adventure ever: A MOVIE! 🎬❤️🎥❤️ Queen Bee👸🏾🐝 is making her first movie🎥 ever with her big sister, Royal Bee👑🐝! But the big movie premiere is happening tonight! Will Royal Bee and Queen Bee finish their movie in time???⏰Find out in this super funny one-of-a-kind fantasy, action, spooky, and sci-fi western adventure. It’s LOL Surprise: The Movie!🎉 COMING TO Netflix October 2021 Don’t Miss a video BBs!: http://bit.ly/LOLSurpriseYouTube Where to buy: http://bit.ly/FindLOLSurprise Keep up with the latest L.O.L. Surprise! news! Instagram: @lolsurprise http://bit.ly/LOLSurpriseIG Facebook: http://bit.ly/LOLSurpriseFacebook Tik-Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJSuJWJP Visit us at https://www.lolsurprise.com/ #LOLSurprise #CollectLOL #LOLSurpriseToys #LOLSurpriseDolls #CollectOMG #Dolls #LOLSurpriseMovie

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