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Video tags
Video tags
wjsn 60fps
wjsn the black
wjsn the black 60fps
wjsn easy 60fps
wjsn the black easy 60fps
kpop 60fps

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Please support the artist by watching the original MVs as well :) Original Video: Twitch: Streaming at You can support me here: Thank you in advance :D Join the NoctAQ discord server! We stream MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on Saturdays/Sundays KST at the noctAQ Twitch channel!~ My post notifications can also be found in the 60fps-mvs text channel! (I am not the owner of the server, just a moderator.) For the best viewing experience, please set the quality to 4k 60fps. Most mobile devices will be capped at 1080 60fps. Due to the interpolation with AI, there will sometimes be glitches, which is normal. I am making these videos for my own enjoyment. I take suggestions for video uploads, but it won't be guaranteed that I will make the requested video. I don't have a set schedule for video uploads. My PC: Fan-made content. All rights belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended. I don't make money from these videos.


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