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DIY Drill Bit Sharpening Jig for perfect sharpening angles for twist drills In this video I show how to make a DIY drill bit sharpening jig or disk sander This Simple jig allows you to sharpen drill bits of various diameters in two ways: 1) very simple way, even a beginner can handle 2) "advanced" way for 4-Facet Grind - you need a little skill Free plans - 3D model - 🔨 To make it I used: Angle Grinder Stand - Homemade table Saw - DIY Drill Press Machine - Drill Press Vise - Table saw fence - Crosscut sled - 00:08 - making drill bit sharpener 06:36 - Drill sharpening 9 mm (23/64") - easy way 08:57 - Drill sharpening 6 mm (1/4") - easy way 10:00 - Four Facet Sharpening of a drill with a diameter of 10 mm (13/32") 10:45 - Drilling Holes


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