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Sleep music
Deep sleep music
Soothing sleep music
Calm sleep music
Healing sleep music
Healing music
Music for inner peace
Calm your mind
Tranquility music
Calm deep sleep music
Soothing deep sleep music
Theta waves
Theta waves sleep music

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Thank you for being here. This pure deep sleep tranquility music was made with the intention to calm your mind body & soul and guide you into deep sleep at night. This music contains 4hz theta waves for the best relaxation and healing. 🎵 Instruments used: Background pads of software synthesizers, sitar, flutes, piano, textural noise effects and various combined sounds. Good night 💖🎶 💎 Please consider subscribing and pushing the bell icon if you enjoy our videos 💎 🎵 Save our playlists: - Delta Waves Sleep Music: - Theta Waves Sleep Music: - Sleep With Nature Sounds: - All our songs: 🎵 Music composed by Planet Of Tranquility 📷 Video created by Planet Of Tranquility 🌸 Theta brainwaves are present during deep relaxation, dreaming, meditation and hypnosis. Theta brainwaves can be a source of creativity, intuition, increased memory and enhanced concentration & relaxation. By listening to theta waves you may experience: - Very deep levels of relaxation - Lower levels of stress & anxiety - Mind & body healing - Higher level of creativity - Emotional connection -------------------------------------------- Welcome to Planet Of Tranquility. We compose our own original tranquil music for sleep, meditation & relaxation. We make our own magical visuals that synchronizes well with our music. We are devoted and passionate about our work, and we serve to give you a positive and valuable experience out of visiting our channel. Thank you for being here. 🙏 Planet Of Tranquility All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of this video and audio is prohibited. Copyright ⓒ2022 Planet Of Tranquility®. S 199



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