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Теги відео
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Shoutout to the creator of this level (themegamewtwo) for making this amazing level! It was pretty fun, just some weird timings but overally I liked it :) Discord server: Kinda spooky to be honest Someone requested this in one of my streams and after paying it for a while in the stream I moved on to the next request. But I found it to be weird and remembered the name. So I later beat it and recorded it. I’m not planning to put a ton of level showcases on this channel, but I thought this was something that was worth posting. It’s not a demon but it’s definitely somewhat challenging unless you’re a pro. I would rate it a 5 or 6 star. So, really anyone can beat it if they try. Next, I’m planning to make a top 5 list or something I’m not sure yet. Oh well hope you enjoy this before my next upload (which will be in a while because I’m busy with school) I have a discord now: Maybe check it out. It’s kinda dead Gameplay for the ending bit: As always thanks for watching!!!


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