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Donkey Kong 64 (Video Game)
Rare Ltd.

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This is a gameplay vid of the beginning of DK 64. Yes, I know it is a bit repetitive to put (N64) in the title following the 64. To be honest, I only bought this game because it was $40 and came with the Expansion Pak, as opposed to paying $30 for the Expansion Pak alone. I bought it to play Perfect Dark, not DK64. Overall, I liked this game to an extent. I got pretty far into it, and then just quit playing it. I know that every platformer has it's fair share of collecting, that comes with the territory. However, DK64 just seems to push collecting things on you, just for the sake of collecting things. After a while, it just got old, so I stopped playing. I know that some N64 fans truly adore this game, but I find it to be insanely overrated. It isn't even Rare's best platformer on the N64 (neither is Conker's BFD IMO). It's a solid game, but it wouldn't even come near my top 10 for the system. Plus the fact that they forced you to buy a gimmick in order to play it still annoys me. Look, say what you want, but can someone explain to me how companies like Acclaim were perfectly capable to get games like Turok 2, and Turok 3 (the Turok Engin was easily a top-tier N64 graphics engine seeing as Acclaim was one of the few third party developers that really took the time to push the system) to run with or without an expansion pak, but somehow Nintendo, and Rare seemed incapable of doing it for specific games. The answer is simple, it's all about business. It was forcing people to buy something in order to play highly anticipated games. DK64, Perfect Dark, and Majora's Mask could have easily given the options to allow play without an expansion pak, but instead they forced on us. I guess PD does allow some limited playability without the expansion pak, but limited playability, doesn't count. It made sens from a business standpoint, but I thought was a pretty sucky thing to do from a gamer's standpoint. But hey, since the modern gaming scene is full of DLC rip-off schemes, gaming has already moved in the direction of "buy this to get the full game." This is just an earlier example of developers holding gamers hostage if they wanted to play their games.


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