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Обложка видеозаписи USED TO / USE TO / BE USED TO / GET USED TO / WOULD - English Grammar Lesson (+ Practice PDF)
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What has changed in your life? Learn how to talk about that in English in today's lesson! 0:00 - English listening test! 2:00 - Used to / Didn't use to 3:29 - Common Mistake (Usually) 4:40 - Get Used to 6:53 - Be Used to 8:26 - Would ________________________ ► ULTIMATE ENGLISH EBOOK: https://www.patreon.com/papateachme ________________________ ► BE A MEMBER OF THIS CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwk6ifONlkvqnoMF2uyA05g/join ________________________ ► FOLLOW ME: Twitter: https://twitter.com/papateachme Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?next=/papateachme/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unsupportedbrowser ________________________ ► ABOUT ME: Hi! I’m Aly, I'm from London, and I've been teaching English for more than 10 years. I love teaching English and helping YOU study English better and in a more fun way! I made this channel to help me apply for jobs, but now this IS my job, and here I am... happy as can be, with you lovely people! :) Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see in future videos! ________________________ ◈ Improve your English with Audiobooks with a 30-day free trial: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00OPA2XFG?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B00OPA2XFG __________________________________________ ◈ Self-study books: I use these books in my classes! Past papers are ALWAYS the way to go! So if you need to prepare for any of these exams: IELTS, CPE, CAE, FCE, TOEIC, TOEFL, these are the BEST books that we teachers use www.amazon.co.uk/shop/learnenglishwithpapateachme (I may receive a commission on anything bought through these links) __________________________________________ ◈ Make a donation for however much you feel comfortable with: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/papateachme __________________________________________ Business inquiries: [email protected] __________________________________________


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