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Official video for the new BOOZE&GLORY single "London Skinhead Crew" WWW.BOOZEANDGLORY.COM , [email protected] for music and merchandise visit: WWW.STEP1MUSIC.COM WWW.CONTRA-NET.COM Video directed by Frank Pellegrino https://www.facebook.com/FrankVideo Lyrics: Years go passing by but we are still about Against society and all that crap This is not a fashion its a way of life Getting older but we won't give up Coz we got nothing else to do London Skinhead Crew Scars, tattoos, crombie coats, full of trouble We grew up on dead end streets Lack of teeth - full of dreams Drinking beer and forever blowing bubbles Football on Saturday, Camden Sunday night And we're skint again but we don't care Smell of 2 stroke every year at Isle of Wight Skinhead Reggae beat and short cropped hair We are the lost generation with not much left to lose Wearing shiny brogues and tonic suits All we want is a bit of thrill, fags and booze And crazy skinhead girls in monkey boots

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