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60FPS | 4K UHD 🤗Show your love by supporting the channel: https://ko-fi.com/mochipop 👉DOWNLOAD IT IN 4K: SOON! 👉I ONLY ACCEPT REQUESTS HERE: http://gestyy.com/e095uP 🧐 Check out the list of all my MV Uploads: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p6k7bBTXMe6z4VCu8F0rMNpJSnyWlJ225HPqUZwxxBc/edit?usp=sharing 💻PROGRAM USED: Hybrid/Premiere Pro 🧠THINGS TO CONSIDER: ‹ For best results, turn the highest quality possible ‹ Only devices that has 60hz screen or higher can support 60fps ‹ Only limited phones can support 4K ‹ Due to interpolation, bugs and glitches(drop frames, waves,etc.) may appear ‹ Since I use different sources(Bugs,YT,NaverTV) ,some videos may appear smoother than others 60FPS PLAYLISTS: 🎵 BTS: http://gestyy.com/e095gO 🎵 BLACKPINK: http://gestyy.com/e095jy 🎵 TWICE: http://gestyy.com/e095kf 🎵 EXO: http://gestyy.com/e095lu 🎵 RED VELVET: http://gestyy.com/e095z0 🎵 MAMAMOO: http://gestyy.com/eqrIqO 🎵 NCT: http://gestyy.com/e095xd 🎵 GFRIEND: http://gestyy.com/e095cy 🎵 ITZY: http://gestyy.com/e095vD 🎵 TXT: http://gestyy.com/e095bA 🎵 IZ*ONE: http://gestyy.com/eqkRfS 🎵 LOOΠΔ: http://gestyy.com/e095nt 🎵 EVERGLOW: http://gestyy.com/eeFHNs 🎵 IU: http://gestyy.com/e095mJ 🎵 STRAY KIDS: http://gestyy.com/e095Wf 🎵 SEVENTEEN: http://gestyy.com/e095WV 🎵 MOMOLAND: http://gestyy.com/e095Rp 🎵 TAEYEON: http://gestyy.com/e095Tk 📺 60FPS MV: http://gestyy.com/e095GJ 📺 DANCE PRACTICE: http://gestyy.com/e095Hx All rights belong to (company) No copyright infringement intended. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAGS:

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