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Описание ролика

BSC is proud to introduce I Listen to Memphis. ILTM is about Memphis music today, the musicians who make it, and the places and culture that fuel it. We are here to inform, inspire, and share the best of Memphis music. Want a sneak peak at next week’s video before anyone else? Join ILTM. http://www.ilistentomemphis.com Negro Terror, the brainchild of bassist and reggae frontman Omar Higgins, is an all American, all hardcore punk group that just happens to be all black. But the music that's played has no color, just the crimson red of pure aggression. https://www.negroterror.com/ Al Town is Memphis Tn's D.I.Y. Skate park. Built by skaters for skaters. https://www.facebook.com/groups/237826679685907/ Director - Christian Walker Produced by Waheed AlQawasmi "WA Films" Cinematographer - Jordan Danelz Camera Operator/Editor - Jared B. Callan Special thanks to Pigeon Roost Collaborative and Inherent Media. #memphismusic #ilistentomemphis #iltm #bringyoursoul #bealestreetcaravan #hardcore #negroterror #altown #skatepark #diy #afropunk #skater #voiceofmemphis

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