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Описание ролика

In this video we walk you through making your own relief clay roller stamps. Want to see more videos like this? Leave a comment below and subscribe! Tools Needed: - Clay (We used AMACO's no. 11 white stoneware clay but any clay will work) - Wood Stylus - Needle Tool - Sculpting Tool - Carving Tools Step 1: Start by rolling a small, thick coil. Step 2: Cut off both ends of the coil. Tips & Tricks: Draw an "X" on one end of the coil, as a registration mark, so that the design is continuous. Step 3: Lightly draw your design using a sculpting tool. Step 4: Lightly press into the clay with the sculpting tool to create a relief carving. Step 5: Once finished, all your clay roller stamp to dry and then bisque. AMACO Clay: https://www.amaco.com/t/clays/ceramic-clay Music: "Carefree" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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