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Ajouter "「Love Me, Love Me, Love Me」 / Kikuo (Covered by Miori Celesta)"

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Tags vidéo

Tags vidéo



Description :

CC lyrics are available! Listen on streaming services: So sorry this took so long! This was completely out of my vocal skill range, it took so long and it was such a struggle trying to sing the whole thing... it is so far from perfect and I have so much to work on but I still wanted to release it before the year is over T_T Special thank you to Crymon for the INSAANE arrangement despite the difficulty of the song and Inverse for the absolutely gorgeous and incredible mix despite my messy vocals and editing TT I owe you two so much !! Vocals + vocal tune/time: Miori Celesta (Here!) Mix/Master: Inverse ( Inst. arrange: Crymon ( Art: とあるみかん ( MV: Gyepi A ( 愛して愛して愛して (Love Me Love Me Love Me) originally by Kikuo #vtuber #envtuber #vsinger

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