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Ajouter "Andrea Vanzo - Soulmate (Official Video)"

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Tags vidéo

Tags vidéo

andrea vanzo
andrea vanzo composer
piano music
Andrea Vanzo Sardinia
andrea vanzo sardegna
Falesia di Su Tingiosu
philip glass
olafur arnalds
emotional music
classical music
ludovico einaudi
yann tiersen
neoclassical music
film composer
cinematic music
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Description :

You have to keep looking for your soulmate, it is somewhere out there, waiting for you... If you want to support my work: Video Directed by Alessio Sansone Produced by Il Salotto dell'Artista, Sorboleto Lab Colorist: Tony Albicocca Drone operator: Josef Obexer Location: Falesia di Su Tingiosu (Sardinia - Italy) Mix & Mastering: L Nyo and Andrea Vanzo For this project I built a tailor made piano that can be transported virtually anywhere. The piano is a mix of digital and acoustic, modern and ancient, and it can be disassembled to simplify transportation. It was designed by myself, in collaboration with Massimo Russo's Poplar Joinery and Umberto Vanzo Restauratore. Follow Andrea Spotify: IG: FB: TK: Follow Alessio IG: FB: Follow L Nyo FB: #andreavanzo #soulmate #sardinia

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