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Ajouter "Yakeen Ka Safar Episode #23 HUM TV Drama"

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Tags vidéo

Tags vidéo

Yakeen Ka Safar
Yakeen Ka Safar Episode #23
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Episode #23
Yakeen Ka Safar New Drama 2019
Yakeen Ka Safar Hum tv drama
new Hum Tv Drama
upcoming drama Yakeen Ka Safar
Ahad Raza Mir
Sajal Ali
Hira Mani
Shaz Khan
Momina Duraid Productions
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Description :

Watch Episode #23 of Drama Serial Yakeen Ka Safar. Story of three families, battling with devils, devils within and outside. Zubia Khalil, a young girl who witnessed her mother murdered by her father, yet she can't say a single word. An educated family which is struggling to find its place in this double standard society. Last but not the least, a poor village girl, who is gang raped and left for dead by powerful and corrupt people of the village, trying to find justice. What happens next is a struggle, which may or may not result in good people winning. Starring: Ahad Raza Mir as Dr. Asfandyar Ali Khan Sajal Ali as Dr. Zubia Khalil Hira Mani as Gaiti Ali Khan Shaz Khan as Barrister Daniyal Ali Khan Farhan Ali Agha as Barrister Usman Ali Khan Mohammed Ehteshamuddin as Khalil Beenish Raja as Sheema Rehan Afraz Rasool as Rehan Khalil Sabeena Syed as Faryal Aisha Khan Jr. as Urooj Nisar Shamyl Khan as Dr. Shahroze Shamayel Tareen as Dr. Asifa Shahroze Salman Saqib Sheikh as Dr. Haroon Nasreen Naz as Noorie's mother Ismail Chandio as Noorie's father Ali Gul Malah as Rab Nawaz's assistant Suhaee Abro as Noorie Sabiha Sumar as Lubna Huma Nawab as Mahjabeen, Zubia's aunt Ainy Zaidi as Gaiti's mother Munazzah Arif as Faryal's mother Nabeel Zuberi as Ramiz, Zubia's boyfriend Agha Talal as Mohsin, Mahjabeen's son Zia Gurchani as Gaiti's father Jahanzeb Gurchani Javed Iqbal as Faryal's father Akbar Islam as SSP Shehzad Ahmed Naima Khan as Jehangir's mother Fazila Qazi as Maah-e-Talat, Zubia's mother Zainab Qayyum as Rumana, Women activist Qazi Wajid as Rab Nawaz Mariyam Nafees as Khajista Hassan Noman as Bahadur, Khajista's husband Ismat Zaidi as Zubia's grandmother Ibrahim Salman as Saim, Daniyal and Geeti's son Directed By Shahzad Kashmiri Written By Farhat Ishtiaq Produced By Momina Duraid

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