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The uniDownloader online service allows you to download mp4 videos from YouTube and hundreds of other video hosting sites. Or it will help to download mp3 – in case you need a file with audio.

How to download YouTube videos from the link?

Often a situation arises when you need to download a video from YouTube without installing programs. For example, if you are on the road with a phone and you need it urgently. Or there is no desire to install software on a computer. There can be many reasons. The uniDownloader service is designed to make downloading YouTube videos online, free and fast. 

Step 1. Copy the video link (URL).

  • In the browser, it is enough to select the page address, right-click on it and select “Copy”.
  • In the YouTube mobile app, the Share button icon-arrow-left below the video will help you. Then select the item "Copy link".

Step 2. Paste the link into the input field of, click the button and wait a bit :) 

Step 3. Select the appropriate quality and click the “Download” button icon-arrow-down to download YouTube video in mp4 format to your device. 

Download YouTube videos fast

Type uuu before youtube in the address bar of your browser and you will be redirected to the download page for this video. Choose the appropriate quality of the video and enjoy offline viewing without any ads :)

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To summarize, on our website you can download videos from YouTube without registration, in good quality and completely free of charge - without any programs. Is this why you came here?

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High quality video

Download YouTube videos in maximum quality! Supports high definition formats: Low HD (360p), HD (720p), Full HD (1080p), Ultra HD (4K). You can download mp4 from YouTube through the website, a script for the browser or using a downloader for Windows – you only need a link to the video. Sometimes downloading at 1080p and higher is impossible due to the lack of sources with suitable quality on the video hosting server.

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Mp3 music

Download music from YouTube in a few clicks. When downloading online through the site, webm and m4a formats are supported. Moreover, you can download mp3 from YouTube – as easy as video. UDL Client will help with this, which has a built-in YouTube video to mp3 converter. It only takes a few seconds of waiting to extract the audio with the best bitrate.

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Free and without registration

Use the site conveniently and safely: we can download videos and music without registration, without confirmation in the form of SMS, without subscribing to annoying notifications. The most transparent download without gimmicks and restrictions – while completely free for everyone. The site contains the minimum of advertising that is necessary to maintain the service's performance.

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Without installing programs

The uniDownloader site is a complete online video and music downloader from YouTube and other resources. We do not force users to install additional programs - wherever it is technically possible, you get the desired files directly. If you want to download videos from YouTube without viruses and quests, then we offer a reliable and fast way to do this.

How to download YouTube videos to your phone?

UniDownloader services can be used not only on a computer. On our site, you can download videos from YouTube to your phone, regardless of the system on which it works. The download can be done on a smartphone with an installed and working browser. You can download from YouTube completely free of charge for both Android and iPhone. If you want to watch videos without ads in them, downloading to your device is the best choice.

Our users can download clips, films, cartoons and any other videos from YouTube to their phone. There are no restrictions, the choice between a computer and a smartphone depends solely on your convenience. If you are using a mobile browser, copy the link to the video page. It is also possible to download via the YouTube application. To do this, click on the "Share" and "Copy link" button, and then use it from the clipboard.