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Hello friends, today I want to tell you how and with what I made the walls in the garage or workshop during
work I encountered some difficulties that I had to solve along the way I’ll tell you
what life hacks or devices helped me in solving these issues
after I finished
gluing the walls, I finished with the floor, it was time to finish the walls, since this is a technical room, I
didn’t want to bother much, I wanted to sheathe all the OSB with a slab But this is typical and not very beautiful
no matter how much you paint, but anyway, the tint will show the relief of chips or chips, which
in the end it doesn’t look very nice plywood is also a good option but as I said above the
technical room will probably be wet and the plywood that can be used inside is not moisture resistant
and moisture resistant PSF should not be used indoors other types Maybe there is
but I didn’t really understand because there is a price tag already higher than necessary. Therefore, I poked around on the Internet
and saw interesting moisture-resistant material fickback
. This is a building board made from wood
chips with the addition of melamine and paraffin. This provides a high level of moisture resistance. And
melamine and paraffin.
and children's rooms. So it fits exactly for my room
and the price is acceptable. I immediately took a thickness of 16 mm, which at a price could be fixed
in the future. I closed it in a couple of evenings in one helmet, the main thing is to raise it above me and get
on the spike And then the sheet is already holding on, usually sawn with a circular saw, nothing complicated, only the first row
needs to be leveled and the installation should be done with a run-up so that the vertical seams are not on top of each other,
but it's like I fixed any other plates, even OSB or laminate, first on nails, but I had 30
mm of their length was not enough for sufficient strength, so I twisted everything on self-tapping screws
after mounting the plates on the walls, I thought about how I would mount them on the ceiling in one
answer Yes, and he then, for now, I’m starting to mount the batten on the ceiling, the batten will be from a board 25
by 100 and I will mount every 350 Mm in the centers, 12 boards will be needed, since the dimensions of the boards will be
the same, I decided to cut it right away. It’s convenient to do this with a chain saw.
I will mount the crate in a certain step, then I made such a holder template that I
fasten approximately in the middle of the board resting on the previous one, then I take the board and just put it on, screw it on
and unscrew the template, the board is already held
on the edges I just apply the template and screw the board very conveniently when working in one
further, after the installation of the crate, I realized that it was necessary to paint the walls, otherwise the paint would
fall on the ceiling, which would not be painted, for this I take interior paint alicalor and
experimentally add the color myself, I wanted to get a light gray color, I stir
it with a screwdriver with such a nozzle from the inside of the stud when I painted two I realized that
the gray color turned out to be too much and decided to experiment with two other walls
until I settled on such a light orange for the
. light and have spikes only on the long sides This allows
you to use cut pieces without being tied to spikes and grooves on the short sides more economical and easier
in a couple of working evenings and with the help of your wife the ceiling was also finished I think this is an ideal
material for mounting on the ceiling especially in technical rooms no the need
for further finishing, we get a finished finish coating of the wall, but I should
have it initially for painting, since they will often get dirty and will require
repainting over time, the seams of the holes under the screws can be additionally puttied to
completely get the perfect surface. I didn’t bother about this. As you can see,
the seams it’s almost invisible and in the end what happened as you friends If you liked
the video then put likes and write in the comments how it is such a decision the final type of finish in
workshop In my opinion, it's pretty good, also don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven't
subscribed yet and subscribe to the channel in Telegram Thank you all for watching and see you soon


Found the IDEAL solution for wall and ceiling tiling! Which Few KNOW ABOUT!!! Hi friends! Here comes to the finish of building my workshop and in brackets garage, garage for gardening equipment and maybe a motorcycle in the future. Now I will show you the stage of finishing, found an interesting solution, so sit down comfortably and enjoy the view. Order Quick Deck floorboards: YouTube Quick Deck: Yandex Zen Quick Deck: VK Quick Deck: We create homemade (tool, crafts, device) with our own hands at home, devices, and amazing devices. After all, every tool or crafts can make your life easier. Therefore, make and yourself a homemade tool with which it will be easy to work in the garage or home workshop! Use useful tips and tricks for the home craftsman! Well, how to make these inventions and surprise you, we will show you on our channel Delnye Advice! My name is Alexander! Let's get started! We always appreciate your likes and subscriptions !!!!. You are the best !!! #DIY #Homemade #Tool #Tips #Tools #Hints #Handy #Homemade #Homemade gadget ideas

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