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This tutorial shows how to add a rig to a simple 3D model (monkey man), it is ideal showing the principles of rigging to those new to the subject. The key points are - How to add bones to form a skeleton How to add constraints so that bones move in a similar way to a human skeleton How to bind mesh objects to the skeleton (skinning) In detail - In object mode adding an armature bone In properties for the armature turning X-ray on In edit mode adding next bone use E to extrude In pose mode turning x-axis mirror on In edit mode use shift E to extrude arm bones Use alt P to break connection and move bones into arms Repeat for leg bones Use Ctrl P to create parent relationship between arms, legs and the back bone In pose mode, select a lower arm bone, select bone constraints in properties window and add IK constraint, set chain length to 2, repeat for all limbs With a lower limb bone selected in bone properties limit the x-axis rotation (lock y and z) Bind each mesh to corresponding bone using parent/child relationship. For the original file without rig and the final file go to -


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