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Disclaimer! This material is for entertainment purposes only and does not intend to offend anyone. Everything that will be said here is solely my opinion. I don't force you to blindly believe in this. Take this into account!
Today we will talk about the top 10 most shocking moments between Taehyung and Jungkook.
10th place. One day, the genius Taehyung said to Jungkook: “You always ignore me, that’s why I didn’t notice.”
Jungkook asked in shock, “Am I ignoring you?” So this is how Jungkook “ignores” Taehyung.
I wish everyone to find a loved one who will also “ignore” you.
I would like to take a peek at Jungkook’s phone. I wonder what kind of “ignor” he is hiding there.
My God, every time Jungkook plunges into hypnosis, without taking his loving eyes off his beloved.
The flow of hearts is visible to the naked eye. This is somehow too intimate, I was already blushing all over, although in principle I don’t blush.
In my opinion, this is the most famous “ignoring”.
The way Jungkook, without thinking too much, reaches out his hand to pull Taehyung closer to him.
And this finally shows what Jungkook is only for Taehyung.
9th place. Jungkook's concern.
Love is to make him a less spicy version of rice separately because he doesn't like it very spicy. I think this is such a habitual action for Jungkook.
8th place. How to stop watching this video, that is the question.
I've already watched it a million times. Very sensual, that’s how they are there in their world.
Their vibes are felt through the screen.
Every glance Jungkook looks at Taehyung is full of love and adoration.
Jungkook will always compliment Taehyung or his skills. Taehyung is cooking.
Jungkook says admiringly: “It smells incredible, absolutely amazing. I'm looking forward to tonight's dinner!
7th place. It was shocking.
Jungkook said that he would go to the shower, and Taehyung added that he would also go with him. Jungkook realized what Taehyung said and put his hand on him to stop him, saying, “Taehyung, what are you doing?”
Okay, actually Hoseok flew into the stratosphere so as not to witness all this happiness.
Taehyung gently straightens the blouse of Jungkook, who is sleeping sweetly.
Each of their interactions is imbued with care, tenderness, attention to little things that are insignificant to others, but important to them in relation to each other, and this makes them a small but real family.
Exactly a year after taekook went to see the film, we suddenly receive an incomplete photo of their walk with Wuga after the premiere.
A day that was happy for them, for us, turned into a nightmare for people who do not want to accept the obvious.
6th place. How happy they are, especially Jungkook.
He doesn't even try to hide his smile of pleasure.
It's just a fact.
Everyone admires Taehyung's beauty, but Jungkook will always be his main fan because: "Taehyung is the most beautiful person I have ever seen."
That cute habit of Jungkook touching Taehyung's chin with a gentle smile on his face.
5th place. Jungkook and Taehyung share a bed as a couple.
Every time I am surprised and laugh because Taehyung hugged Jungkook’s legs and then hugged him with his leg on top. It looks so personal. I always feel like a third wheel when I look at them.
Jungkook couldn't stop admiring Taehyung's cooking as he fried his favorite steaks in butter while wearing his cute headband.
All this time he hung around and couldn’t wait to try his beloved’s cooking. Their family idyll.
Mentioning Jungkook and Taehyung as a married couple, I remembered this moment.
Taehyung said, “I’m allergic to beans.” Jungkook retorted, “What? You are not allergic to beans! You're just being picky."
Taehyung continues, “But I can’t eat food that contains beans. Well... I might also try beans cut in half! I can't eat rice and beans." Jungkook replies: “He doesn’t have any allergies, he’s just picky!”
Firstly, this is so reminiscent of the jokes of married people and family squabbles, and secondly, Jungkook knows Taehyung too well down to the smallest detail.
Do you remember how Jungkook and Taehyung started to argue cutely, and Yoongi stopped them, not wanting to be the third wheel in their family squabbles.
Taehyung said, “It’s okay, it will be edited anyway.”
Jungkook replied, “why talk about what will be cut”? Yoongi asked: “if you’re going to argue, maybe you’ll come out”?
Firstly, Taehyung is relaxed because he knows that absolutely everything is censored, and secondly, they are impossible married people with a long history of relationships, and Yoongi knows this very well.
What do you think of this homely family couple who came to a get-together with their friends?
Taehyung’s hand resting possessively on Jungkook’s leg is my favorite.
The fact that in the room where Jungkook lived while filming the show, there is a photo of taekook hanging.
Let's digress a little. Compose coffee Instagram update:
“The student is a composer. April is the time when composition students drink the most coffee.”
New footage with Bami.
Handsome Bam.
The most obedient: he understands what is needed and does it perfectly.
I hope your dad will not forget to look at your Instagram, we are really looking forward to seeing him.
The way Taehyung controls his body.
He is absolutely amazing and special. Every time I think about him, I return to the thought that such people do not exist.
After all the skills that he will receive in the service, his uniqueness will increase many times, ten times, exponentially. Taehyung’s uniqueness and originality can be elevated to the absolute absolute.
His attitude towards fans, creativity, and self-development is incomparable to anything else! People like him simply no longer exist on this planet at the moment. And yes, Taehyung is Jungkook's boyfriend.
Scan of a photo card with Taehyung, as part of the FRIENDS project, from the Japanese fan club.
Cute Jungkook on Twitter 8 years ago.
Let's take a look back at Jungkook's boxing workout that he shared with us 5 years ago on Twitter.
Jungkook captioned: This is fun.
I'm stuck on these photos.
I don’t know what I’m more drawn to: the relief of his body or the drawings.
Seven years ago on this day, Taehyung shared.
He eats so deliciously. Now I want a watermelon too.
A FAN has shared a sneak peek of her trip to the location where In the Soop 2 was filmed.
Jungkook's room was full of love for Bam with the things Jungkook used to take care of Bam. Jungkook is so cute in the photos on the wall and on the table in his bedroom.
And the big Bama pressure gauge they put next to the bed is just amazing!
In this space? I'm deeply touched by this. It was very touching to see how Jungkook worked so hard to toilet train Bam.
Taehyung's room was smaller than I expected! Taehyung's room had so many Christmas decorations and jazz themed paintings, which suited Taehyung perfectly.
From the window at the entrance, you could see Jungkook and Hoseok coming in and out, and it was easy to see all those playing.
Guys, perhaps many are already aware of the showdown between hybe and ador.
If not, then all this can be read on many channels that cover this news, I don’t want to bring it all here.
Now more and more details of the dirt of show business will emerge, where everyone will be right and try to whitewash themselves.
I think we should hold back our hasty conclusions and remain only observers, since we still cannot know the full clarity of the situation and cannot do anything.
There will likely be a long battle ahead.
The only thing that’s not good is that Taehyung’s name is being dragged into this and involved in everything, since he released his solo album under the Ador label.
I am grateful to Min Heejin for this long-awaited opportunity to hear him, for the wonderful content, for Taehyung’s help in this, who also spoke with gratitude about her, and nothing more.
I’m not on anyone’s side, I choose Taehyung and I want them to stop dragging him around and making derogatory comments about his choice, which was probably the most acceptable and beneficial for him at that time.
And don’t forget how good the media are at presenting information in a biased way and manipulating the minds of ordinary people, drawing everyone into the hype, and as a result they get hype and a lot of profit for themselves.
I hope everyone is well aware of this fact firsthand.
4th place. Jungkook is literally ready to fight nature for the sake of his boyfriend.
Taehyung complained to Jungkook, “oh, these thorns look really painful.” Jungkook instantly responded: “do you want me to remove them for you”?
This is what a perfect couple looks like in the kitchen.
3rd place. I would rather see those touches on the sly again.
I miss them so much.
2nd place. The way Jungkook couldn’t stop looking at Taehyung on the last broadcast.
It was right in front of the army. They only had a few days left, so they were no longer hiding.
Their love language is touch.
Wherever they are, they will show each other support and love with even the smallest touch. This is insanely cute.
1 place. It's incredibly intimate and personal.
I still can't get this moment out of my head. It seems to me that Taehyung blew a kiss to Jungkook and Jungkook’s reaction was not long in coming.
This concludes my top. Be sure to wait for the continuation. Bye.


BTS JUNGKOOK TAEHYUNG V BY: lilipopsi #vkook #jungkook #taehyung #taekook #bts

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