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Godzilla atomic breath sound sfx. This is the sound when the mighty Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira?), also dubbed Titanus Gojira used an energy beam that Godzilla spews out SFX ripped from the movie King of the Monsters. Godzilla's usually roars when he unleashes the beam against muto and ghidorah in the second movie. When godzilla charges up this ability his eyes and his scales also glow neon-blue before he unleashes the beam from his mouth and his eyes become bright blue (when using his atomic breathI love the heard this sound because it's look like the mighty kamehameha XD. Find this godzilla roar atomic breath sound / sfx / ringtones free for download using the link in the description. ____________ ✔️🎧 Download this Godzilla Atomic Breath Charge Sound Effect & Ringtone for FREE here on my website 🎧✔️ ↪︎ ♫ 100% Free 🔊 MP3, Android and IOS formats ⭐ No ads to download the sound 👍 Enjoy :) ↪︎ Download : ____________ 🎧 Download more of my sound effects available on my website 🎧 ↪︎ : ____________ 💪 Support my work on Utip : 💪 😀 One dollar to let me keep making the sounds you enjoy :) ____________ ► GODZILLA Sound Effects - Roar - Free Ringtones Download : ► MOVIES & FILMS Ringtones - Free Sound Effects Download : I hope you'll like it and have fun Tell me what sound do you need ;) See you soon


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