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bro the aliens in area 51 gotta be on high alert when we pull up to raid their home --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to my very generous patrons: $25+ (Ascended) Karapian billy f word fish a Astrocookie $10 (SURREAL) Hector Duran malpertius Lightwielder $5 (Surreally Entertained) Daniel Schuette Cn_dragon1 Wetzelmation Genie Lewis Urschel Salakirby Adrian Marciniak Maen Halabi christopher wilson @Prindle_Poetry Beldingford --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support: Patreon: Merch: PayPal: Top 3 donations: 1. Malachi Werner $19.29 2. freeze: $17.00 3. Bibi Mandujano $15.15 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me: Subscribe: Discord: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: 3d videos playlist: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join my discord if you want some fun. Also you better subscribe. Sound effects:


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