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Updated Walk in Alexandria (5 hrs) here: Walking in Ancient Egypt city of Alexandria in Assasin's Creed: Origins with 4K 60fps Ultra Maximum Graphics Settings. Alexandria is the second largest city of Egypt, located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is named after the Macedonian king Alexander the Great, who founded the city around 331 BCE. A Hellenistic city, it served as the capital of Egypt throughout the Ptolemaic dynasty. It had so much commercial and intellectual development, that it became the most flourished city of the Ptolemaic era. "Alexandria is where the whole world meets, where every language under the sun is spoken on its streets, where Greeks and Egyptians walk together, where the Jews have their own temples even—and scholars from around the world come to study at the great Museum and Library." More info: This channel is all about relaxation. No gunning, killing or running around like a headless chicken. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful game environments. You can support the channel by subscribing: More AC: Origins: - Apollonia: - Cyrene: - Giza: - Alexandria: - Memphis: Walking in Red Dead Redemption 2: Walking in rain in GTA V:


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