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We're happy to present you full compilation of @Dlowmusic rounds at the SBX Kickback Battle 2021! He took 1st place at this competition and won 2,000$ and Playstation 5! Give it up for him! Please follow D-low on socials: IG - YT - Give it up for the host Scott Jackson: IG - ___________________________________________ THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING SPONSORS WHO HAVE HELPED PROVIDE THE HOME STUDIO KIT, PRIZES, JUDGES FEES, AND MORE! DPA Microphones - We love the DPA 2028 Mic, which all participants used in this competition! Boss/Roland - Everyone used Boss-provided Rubix 22 recording interfaces! V-Moda - Thank you for the SWEET M-100 Headphones for all 8 participants. Richings Media - THANK YOU for the $$$ to help pay expenses and give away 2K USD to the Winner, and 1 K USD to the Runner-up! Voloco - Thank you for the $$$ to help fund cash prizes AND the Pro-Level Subscriptions to your innovative APP all beatboxers should try:​ We really appreciate each one of these sponsors, as they have invested into the Beatbox Community! ___________________________________________ Production by SBX Team IG: @pepouni_sbx IG: @sinjo_sbx IG: @last_sbx IG: @domina_sbx IG: @h1defull_sbx IG: @fredybeats IG: @yuosofficial Visuals by Trung Bao IG: @tbaocreate Color by Adrià Olea IG: @adriaolea Join this channel to get access to perks: ___________________________________________ Check out our full GBB World League 2020 SOLO ELIMINATION playlist: Check out our full GBB World League 2020 LOOPSTATION CATEGORY playlist: Check out our full GBB World League 2020 SOLO BATTLES playlist: ____________________________________________ Check out our most recent upload here: Check out our most popular upload here: Check out our channel and subscribe: ____________________________________________ Check the full GBB19 SHOWCASE Playlist: Check the full GBB19 LOOPSTATION Playlist: Check the full GBB19 TAG TEAM SHOWCASE Playlist: ____________________________________________ Buy SBX Classics and NEW DESIGNS at our official shop! ____________________________________________ TIKTOK: Swissbeatbox FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: GBB INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: TWITTER: PEPOUNI'S TWITTER: ____________________________________________ provides video clips from professional beatboxers and new talents all over the world, film concerts and battles and has a vision to bring beatbox to another level. is one of the biggest beatbox communities in the world! We publish exclusive beatbox videos, news, battles and merchandise every week! Please support us and share this and our other videos on the social networks, press the like button favorite the clip, and please leave a comment. Here is the link for our channel: Thanks for your support


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