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Today we will see together four structures that we need to create cohesive sentences;
the connectives that we will see today, in fact, are not single words -
like those that have always seen in the previous videos - but they are real sentences and syntactic structures.
We will see only 4 today, because they are quite advanced structures - not too much -
and therefore it is good to focus on a few at a time to assimilate them better, to memorize them better.
The first example we see together is a correlative linking
structure and is "on the one hand ... on the other".
We can also have the version with the word "part",
therefore "on one side ... on the other".
Let's see a couple of examples:
On the one hand I am happy for them, on the other I wonder how they will organize themselves in time.
It is difficult to make a decision: on the one hand there are always those who support you, but on the other hand there are always those who throw you down.
So you see that the information that I organize in these two sentences is in contrast with each other,
these structures serve precisely to correlate these two information
that are in contrast and allow you to put them in the same sentence.
The second linking structure we see today is correlative as well,
it is "not only ... but also".
An example:
Not only did he lie to me, but he also had the nerve to make fun of me.
Not only was he late, but he was also distracted during the lesson.
Therefore, this relative structure is always used - or more often than not -
in the case of negative elements, so we add further information,
always negative, to the already negative picture of the situation.
The third structure I want to bring to your attention is "in the former case ... in the latter case".
Let's read an example together:
There is a substantial difference between the airbag of a car and the airbag of a motorcycle:
in the former case the device is placed inside the vehicle,
while in the latter case it is integrated into the technical clothing .
"In the former case ... in the latter case" they allow us to refer to two elements previously mentioned,
without however repeating them in the discourse,
to avoid a repetition that could weigh down the text.
So it is usually used when we want to highlight the differences between two elements or between two situations.
The fourth and last structure that I want to bring to your attention
is an adverbial phrase, "regarding",
of which we can also find synonyms, such as "as for", "in reference to".
Let's read an example:
As for/Regarding young graduates this year, there is no declining number during the pandemic.
"The number of graduate exams has not changed since last year," says the Minister of University and Research.
These three structures, which in fact can be interchangeable in the sentence,
because they have the same meaning and the same function,
serve precisely to bring the attention of the reader or listener to a specific element.
So, let's recap:
On the one hand ... on the other; not only... but also;
in the former case ... in the latter case; regarding, as for, in reference to.
That's it for today's lesson.
I hope this short grammar video is useful to you,
I also hope you have learned some new information.
If you want, you can practice using these structures in the comments below.
Thank you so much for watching today's lesson and we'll see you in the next video.
See you soon, bye!


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