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Fragment of Hunter x Hunter (2011) - 129 The scene where Killua is being ridden by Komugi and she tries to free from him because Shaiapouf tricked her. Voice actors in this video: Killua Zaoldyeck - Mariya Ise: Komugi - Aya Endo: Get the DVD here: Get the Bluray here: Did you enjoyed it? Follow me on: My Facebook: My Instagram: My Twitter: My Twitch: My TikTok: #killua #komugi #hxh OH, OH, Hoooooold down!! Do you want to see more about this anime? Then PLEASE, go at the links at the end of the description for watch them and DO give your support to the creators by paying a suscription on Netflix or CrunchyRoll, so MadHouse (the producer of the anime) and Yoshihiro Togashi will receive that bit of support which makes them able to MAYBE continue the series in the future!! Who knows? This serie has an OPEN END!! Meaning that the chance of get a continuation IS POSSIBLE!! HURRY UP, SUSCRIBE to ANY of these platforms and WATCH the ENTIRE ANIME!! -- IMPORTANT NOTE: This fragment is from the anime serie called Hunter x Hunter (2011) made by MADHOUSE. The serie Hunter x Hunter was originally made by the great mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi, author also of YuYu Hakusho and Level E, for more information about him and his work, please go to this article: ABOUT THIS ANIME: The history of Hunter x Hunter is about Gon Freeccs, a young kid dreaming to become a Hunter and find his father. On his journey, he mets Leorio (a man that wants to become a doctor to heal anyone in need of help), Kurapika (the last survivor of Kuruta Clan), and Killua Zaoldyeck (member of the Zaoldyeck family, where all members, even the youngest one, are professional assasins). On their journey, they meet other Hunters and discover the power of Nen, a latent ability that everyone has on their body, but less than 0.1% of the humanity has awakened, and even less, completely mastered. Them also often fight against other Hunters, enemies like a group of bandits called Gen'nei Ryodan, and even sometimes, misterious monsters. Wouldn't you like to see their adventure full of friendship and dreams? See it at: *You might require a paid suscription on these platforms in order to see the anime. Did you know? Zaoldyeck is the official surname of Zoldyck family, you may find it in the official databook. The name Killuki is an invented black-haired twin brother of Killua, which name was chosen like that due the Zaoldyeck siblings name trend: Illumi Milluki Killuki Killua Alluka Kalluto.


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