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Video tags

군대 파라다이스
موكب عسكري
Edinburgh Military Tattoo
green berets
green beret training
how to pass special operations training
special forces assessment and selection
special forces
green beret
special forces training
russian israelis
idf girls
израильская армия
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SFILATA PER LE VIE DI OSLO DELLA FANFARA BERSAGLIERI "A.CARETTO" DI BEDIZZOLE (BS) ITALIA AL MILITAER TATTOO 2018 Sito Web: Canale Telegram ITALIAN MILITARY CORPS OF THE BERSAGLIERI SOME INFORMATION Surely one of the most folkloric military corps in the world is that of the Bersaglieri. The Bersaglieri body has many peculiarities such as running gear (from 160 to 180 steps per minute), but its greatest peculiarity is its feathered hat, But how did this particular headdress come about? The feathered hat is called Vaira and owes its name to a curious fact that happened when Alessandro La Marmora (founder of the Bersaglieri corps) was presenting the uniform to the king. The facts went exactly like this. Alessandro La Marmora was together with Colonel Vayra in a room to dress the latter as a bersagliere and present the uniform to the king. La Marmora had the habit of throwing various garments. When it came time for the headdress Vayra put it on on the fly, but I wear it at an angle (at eleven o'clock to be exact) because he had to strain to catch it. La Marmora turned and saw this curious inclination of the hat and decided that this must be the position of the plumed headdress which took, as mentioned before, the name of Vaira for this very fact. The question instead of the plumage was adopted for a mimetic fact An urban legend to dispel is what kind of feathers are. The feather (technical term to indicate the entire plumage) is composed of feathers that are still often natural today, even if synthetic ones are allowed. In his time it was said that the origin of the plumage was from the feathers of the capercaillie, a rare species that has always been protected today. In reality, since the origins, at the time of the formation of the Bersaglieri Corps (1836), when there were two companies and the total number of officers nine, this species was never hunted, whose feathers appear, among other things, very different from those commonly known. for such use. The troop mainly used black capon feathers and the officers, by distinction, had the plume of more precious ostrich feathers colored in green. Then, again as a matter of camouflage, the color and length of the feathers were unified. Currently (November 2018) the Vaira is no longer used in military actions but is used only and only in parades. As was said at the beginning of the article, the Bersaglieri also have other characteristics and it seems right to me, for the sake of completeness of information, to examine them all. First of all, the Bersaglieri Corps was founded on 18 June 1836. As mentioned, the march of the Bersaglieri is the race because their purpose was to perform lightning operations and therefore speed was essential, One thing that not everyone knows concerns the fanfare of the Bersaglieri. First of all, each company has its own fanfare made up of 13 trumpets and a trumpeter corporal. This fact gave rise to the need for the Bersaglieri fanfare to become an autonomous department, but the individual companies continued to have their own trumpeters. Over time, other wind instruments have been added to the trumpets. Today it is the only band in the world to perform at a running pace. According to popular tradition, the use would derive from the entry into Rome, at the breach of Porta Pia, which had to be carried out at a charging pace, but which instead spontaneously became a Bersaglieri race. The fact that each regiment has its own fanfare is dictated by the fact that each Bersaglieri regiment has its own specific trumpet signal. In fact, at the origins of the Corps when the Bersaglieri fought as light infantry in open order, the repeated trumpet signals were used to gather the troops, or, alternating with tactical signals, to indicate the order and the receiving department. It must also be said that the Bersaglieri have a great spirit of body. In fact, it is said that whoever has been a target has been a target all his life. This can also be seen from the decalogue that the Bersagliere must observe. These rules were written by La Marmora himself and have never been changed, Here are the rules that a Bersagliere must observe; - Obedience - Respect - Absolute knowledge of your weapon - Lots of training - Gymnastics of all kinds up to frenzy - Comradeship - Family feeling - Respect for the laws and honor the head of state - Honor to the Fatherland - Self-confidence up to presumption. Last information concerns another urban legend and concerns the motto of the Bersaglieri. Although in their barracks the words "Automezzi al passo e bersaglieri di corsa" appear, each regiment makes its motto which is entirely in Latin, In conclusion, the feathered hat called Vaira is brought at 11 pm by pure chance. The feathers were adopted for a camouflage issue and have never been of capercaillie. Such a headdress today is used only in parades.

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