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Canada information
Canada Basic Information
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Official Name Of Canada
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facts about Canada
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information about Canada

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Do You Know Canada Basic Information useful for General Knowledge (GK) Quiz and competitive exams. Basic World Countries information for all - Best General Knowledge Video Series on YouTube #01. Suitable to learn all basic details about World country Canada to learn GK (General Knowledge) for Indian Competitive Exams like UPSC, Groups, Banking Exams, Navy Exams etc. From this video you will learn Canada basic information like: Name - CANADA Capital - OTTAWA Area ( - 9,984,670 Population (2018) - 35.881 Language - English, French National Currency - Canadian dollar Largest City - Ottawa, Toronto Continent - North America National Anthem - "O Canada" Principal River - Mackenzie National Bird - Canada Goose National Flower - Bunchberry National Fruit - Blueberry National Tree - Maple Tree National Animal - Beaver National Sport - Hockey and Lacrosse #Canada, #CanadaInformation, #WorldCountriesInformation TAGS: ----- Canada information, Canada Basic Information, Basic Information of Canada, Canada, Canada history, Continent, general information, Canada Capital, Canada Area, Canada Population, Canada Language, Canadas Largest City, Canada National Name, Canada National Emblem, Canada National Song, Canada National River, Canada National Bird, Canada National Fruit, Canada National Tree, Canada National Animal, Canada National Anthem, Canada National Sport, Canada National currency, Canada Official Name, Canada National flag, facts about Canada, information about Canada, Capital of Canada, Area of Canada, Population of Canada, Languages of Canada, Largest City in Canada, National Name of Canada, National Emblem of Canada, National Song of Canada, National River of Canada, National Bird of Canada, National Fruit of Canada, National Tree of Canada, National Animal of Canada, National Anthem of Canada, National Sport of Canada, National currency of Canada, Official Name Canada, National flag of Canada, National flag of Canada, ....... Our Mantra: Information is Opportunity. Knowledge is Power. Be Informed - Be Powerful! SUPPORT US: SUBSCRIBE / LIKE / SHARE / COMMENT :) Subscribe Link: ....... CONNECT US: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Slideshare: Pinterest: Instagram: YouTube Subscribe Link: ....... OTHER PLAYLISTS TO EXPLORE: Games & Sports: Jobs & Career Info: Business Management: Information Technology: Physics Concepts: Education & Learning: Filmmaking Concepts: Psychology Concepts: Indian Law Concepts: Economics Concepts: ....... About We provide the best info bytes videos in a very simple and effective way to learn, to revise and to master micro-content information. We simplify information in a wide variety of categories. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to the channel for support. For any kind of courses / tutorials - Ask in the Comments. Visit our website: for all kinds of Courses and Info Videos. Contact Us: [email protected] Be Blessed with Love, Health & Happiness. Cheers & Have Fun :) Team P.S. CLICK BELOW LINK TO SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES. SUBSCRIBE LINK:


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