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❤️ Beautiful ❤️ 80's Style ❤️ ❤️ Siberian Heat - Never Say Never ❤️ Для всех любителей песен в стиле ДИСКО! *** Музыка - Виталий Полозов Слова - Елена Полозова Вокал и бэк-вокал - Елена Полозова Аранжировка, сведение, мастеринг - Виталий Полозов *** ОФИЦИАЛЬНЫЙ КЛИП:​ OFFICIAL VIDEO-CLIP:​ *** Скачать сингл в MP3 ( бесплатно ):​ Купить сингл в Wav:​ *** ТЕКСТ ПЕСНИ: NEVER SAY NEVER ( lyrics by Elen Cora ) God gave you only one life,yes, I understand what it means. Don`t waste your time in the heartaches, Pain never helps in your dreams. Wake up with a smile on your face, and No matter - sun, snow, or rain. Meet everyday like the present, That God gave you. Don't betray. Be happy forever And never say never. If 'tis raining - no matter, Wait for sunny weather. Be happy forever, And never say never, Your life will be better. Please, never say never! Don`t think that your life is over. Never too late to burn your flame. "You`re queen of hearts" - crowd was telling her. Crying all day - it`s a shame! *** Песня выйдет на новом альбоме диско-группы "SIBERIAN HEAT". Остальные песни, которые войдут в новый альбом - ALL AROUND THE WORLD:​ DANCE OF SUMMER:​ STORM:​ KISS ME:​ IRRESISTIBLE:​ DON'T STOP THE MUSIC:​ PICK UP THE PHONE:​ SHADOWS:​ SQUIRREL:​ SEVENTEEN:​ и др. *** Music by - Vitaly Polozov Lyrics by - Elen Cora Vocal and backs - Elen Cora Arrangement, mixing and mastering - Vitaly Polozov *** Вы всегда можете заказать официальные заводские издания с нашими песнями ( на CD и виниловых пластинках ). Для оформления заказов - ПИШИТЕ: на мейл: [email protected] VK:​ FB:​ ДИСКОГРАФИЯ НАШИХ ПРОЕКТОВ: 1.Siberian Heat/Elen Cora - "Number one" ( Винил, LP, 2011 г. ) 2. Siberian Heat - Mystic time ( CD, 2012 г. ) 3. Elen Cora - House of cards ( CD, 2012 г. ) 4. Студия-80 - Придуманный мир/По свету млечного пути ( CD, digipack, 2014 г. ) 5. Siberian Heat/Elen Cora - Brilliants ( Винил, LP, 2015 г. ) 6. Студия-80 - "Лабиринты снов" ( CD, digipack, 2017 г. ) 7. Siberian heat/Elen Cora - Dance of summer ( Винил, single, 2017 г. ) 8. Siberian heat/Elen Cora - Irresistible ( Винил, single, 2018 г. ) 9. Elen Cora - House of cards ( Винил, LP, 2019 г. ) 10. Siberian Heat - All around the World ( Винил, single, 2020 г.) ---------------------------------------------------------------- (C) & (P) Vitaly Polozov and Elena Polozova ( Elen Cora ) All rights reserved! ВСЕ ПРАВА ЗАЩИЩЕНЫ! *This Song is The Property And Copyright Of its Rightful Owners This is a Non-Profit Video*


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