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Video description

Simple method to organize ALL MUSICAL SCALES of harmonies. We use a simple method based on families and circular interval patterns to organize all scales that are well suited for building up harmonies: "THE SCALES OF HARMONIES". We explore and systematize the Major Modes, Melodic minor Modes, Harmonic minor Modes, Harmonic Major Modes, Diminished Modes, Whole tone Mode and Augmented Modes.

PDF with all scales presented in this lesson (the Scales of Harmonies):

- Cardboard tool to look up scales, made by subscriber and patron "nupfe":
- Cardboard tool in a smaller layout:
- Manual to assemble the cardboard tool:
- Lesson that presents and explains the cardboard tool:
- You can have "nupfe" assembling the tool for you. He'll be glad to help you out. He's really really talented at his cardboard work!!! I made a page about him where you can find his email address and hear more;

By the way, I refer to this other jazz lesson playing interval patterns that exceed the octave (not framed by an octave as traditional scales) - feel free to check it out:

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The best and warm regards from Oliver Prehn

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