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Don't Look Back in Anger- Oasis

This was blocked in the US and Canada when I initially uploaded it, but it seems like my dispute worked but I never noticed. Now this song can be heard in all its glory. Here's the external audio version , in case you still wanted to hear it.

This is definitely the best song out of the 5 Wii exclusives imo, with Rockaway Beach being a close second. Although, it suffers from the same problem as Some Might Say from GHWT, it just goes on for too long. Like cut it down by a minute or so, we don't like 5 choruses. Also, this is one of the very few songs featuring a GBO chord, neat.

DISCLAIMER: I am playing this song on Xbox 360. I only used Wii in the title to indicate this song is one of the 5 DLC songs included on the Wii disc version of the game.

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