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Well I dropped another Nuke with the Striker 45 UMP45 in COD MW... I didn't expect to get this nuke on Headquarters Firefight but I ended up dropping a 30 killstreak with the UMP! I definitely am happy I had the 80 round new Sykov pistol on me to clean up kills when I was out of ammo on my SMG. I hope you enjoy and be sure to check out my channel for more Call of Duty Modern Warfare clips, highlights, and best moments!

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#modernwarfare​​​​​​​ #callofduty​​​​​​​ #warzone​​​​​​​ #codmw​​​​​​​ #cod​

Killhouse Feeds 0:00​
Azhir Cave Nuke Gameplay 1:31
Dropping tha NUKE 2:55
Outro/Loadout 3:10

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