UDL Helper — browser extension to download videos from YouTube and
other services

The UDL Helper browser extension allows you to download the video directly from the YouTube site. It is a compact browser add-on with a choice of download formats and an intuitive interface.

Download YouTube videos to mp4 is now easy. In addition to the "standard" range of 360p, 480p and 720p HD formats, there are higher quality options for many videos: 1080p Full HD, 4K Ultra HD and others. You can also download only the audio track (music) from YouTube.

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You can use UDL Helper in any modern browser: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Yandex or other Chromium-based browsers. In addition, you must have a Windows, MacOS or Linux operating system installed.

What can UDL Helper do?

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Instant adding upload

You no longer need to copy a link, open programs and third-party sites to download a video. You can start downloading by clicking on the UDL Helper button under the video. Or hover over it with the mouse if you want to choose a different format.

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Organic embedding

We care about both functionality and aesthetics. A download button is added under the video to fit perfectly with the site's styles, as well as light and dark themes. The interface is called by clicking for a classic style or hovering for a modern one.

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Support for many formats

We support multiple audio and video formats. You can download videos in any resolution up to 4K. And for more rare cases, we have provided the ability to download a video track without audio or only sound.

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Additional functions

We are regularly expanding the capabilities of UDL Helper. In addition to downloading a video, you can get a direct link to it, learn about the quality and size of any format before downloading, take a screenshot (without using other programs), and also customize the add-on for yourself.

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QR Codes for video transmission

Now you don't have to manually transfer the video you like to your phone. The program will automatically generate a QR code to download it quickly.

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Downloading music in MP3 format

If you only need audio, this shouldn't be a problem. In addition to videos, using UDL Helper, you can easily download music from YouTube in MP3 format.

UDL Helper Screenshots